Wildlife in Namibia

Wild Animals in Namibia

Namibia is one of those counties where wildlife partially lives really wild, you can meet elephants in the dessert they have adapted that way of live and are capable of surviving, though it is a hard life. Also you can find desert lions, wild rhinoceros, wild leopards, wild horses who where left by the German army after WO I and have adjusted to the dessert life, many many giraffes offcourse all kind of antilopes like springbok, impala, ostriches etc.. Also there is a huge National Park "Etosha" where you can drive for days and see many animals if you are lucky and patient (see seperate page about Etosha). As Namibia is very dry and there hasn't been much rain for the last 7 years most of the animals will come to the waterholes, if there are any available.